There are many bail bond companies available if you need a bail bond in Utah.  Why choose Able Bail Bonds?

Many choose us because we charge lowest rate allowed by the law.  Many choose us for our easy payment plans and collateral options. Those are great reasons but we pride ourselves on being more than just a bail bond company.  We know that when you need a bail bond, it may be one of the more difficult times in your life.  It may also be something you never have experienced, have very little knowledge about and probably something you never thought you would need to know about!  That is why we do not just provide the bail bond and move on to the next bail.  We take the time to explain Bail Bonds and educate you and our customers in what to expect, how the process works and put you at ease in a difficult time.   You may ask questions about the process and learn from our experience.  If you need specific advise on a topic or crime that we can not answer, we have excellent resources available to us that we are happy to pass on to you so you are not left in the dark during this time.

We really do care about our customers, answer their questions and help guide them during the process.  As you will see, we are not just another bail bond company only interested in the next bail bond customer.

  • Provides the LOWEST bail the law will allow
  • Has a discreet east side location
  • Is a family business that cares about families